So… I am preaching and begging that people ditch their scales…. if you are on a lose weight/get fit/get healthy quest … don’t measure your progress by using the scale.  I must admit 4 weeks ago when I was telling people this I was really only half-way in it – not totally committed to this way of coaching.  However, The Universe, that tricky little thing, really, really wanted me to believe it!  Another week has gone by and my scale has not moved at all… not at all….  If I was only using the scale to measure my success I would be very, very sad indeed.  Lucky for me I had some other ways of measuring;

1.  My thighs are no longer rubbing together when I walk!  Seriously, what would you prefer – to lose 5 lbs. or to liberate your thighs from each other?

2.  I can do so many more yoga poses so much more comfortably now that my belly is out of my way!

3.  Yesterday I tried on a top that I bought 2 summers ago.  It WAS a  cute little baby toll TOP.  Now, it’s a cute little babydoll DRESS;

4.  I tried on a dress at  Le Chateau and it fit!  It fit!  For those of you who don’t know about Le Chateau their idea of a sizing is not generous… 10 months ago I was wearing a size 18 pair of pants… and they were tight but I refused to buy a size 20… I was not going to be a size 20.

little things

These little things make me so happy.  It’s just these little accomplishments that I note along the way that keep me going and further convince me that the scale is such a teeny, tiny snapshot of who you are.  It’s like measuring your self-worth by something as arbitrary as the size of your feet… I am sure in the morning our feet are these cute little dainty things but after a day of chasing kids, wearing some heels, running errands… they are probably bigger at the end of the day…  we don’t beat ourselves up about that one.. who decided on the scale?