So yesterday morning marked our first “Muffin Talk” in the park; we had a group of women sit and meet and discuss body image issues and how it’s time to let it go, we discussed tools on how to let it go, I even sent them home with a little homework 😉

In preparation for the meeting I told my 6 year old daughter what we were up to that day by explaining that we were going to meet at a park and I was going to talk to some Mamas about learning to love their bodies.  She looked at me; stunned and shocked and asked “Some Mamas don’t LOVE their bodies?” to which I replied “No” and then she offered me the following speech:

“But your feet… you can’t walk without feet,

And your legs, you need them to jump and run and play,

And your tummies, well your food would just fall out when you ate,

And your chest….  That’s where your HEART is and you need that to be KIND and COMPASSIONATE…”

Hmmm…. Can’t really say much more than that… Simple as that.

simple love