The weather has been horrible… a never ending winter.  First day of spring was a blustery blizzard and it was disheartening.  Even my morning yoga and meditation has been not quite lifting the fog from my brain.  But I keep trying.

I have gone out to run errands and it has occurred to me that this winter has been very much a test of my ultimate lessons about my body and my life.  You MUST accept and love it – as is – right now.  You might thing it’s unlovable but you gotta dig deep, you have to shift, you must adapt and flow with the change… ’cause what if this is it?  What if you don’t lose 20 lbs., what if your boss doesn’t quit being an asshole?  What if the spring and summer never come?

Find a way to breathe inward and find the things that you love and accept about yourself…. about your body.  Close your eyes and imagine yourself not caring about what your boss does.  Sit down and breathe in a world in your brain where the grass is green and the air smells like earth and water and sunshine.

What if this IS it?

You can choose miserable… trust me when you go out there you certainly wouldn’t  be the only one… but why not choose love? Choose Peace?  Choose faith.

Surely to God it won’t be winter (figuratively or literally) forever!

worth it