Has it ever occurred to you that happiness does not lie on the other side of some land of perfection that you have created to torture yourself?  Like, you know, losing weight and wearing a bikini or Finding a husband or Getting caught up on the laundry (please let go of that impossible to achieve dream)….

Maybe happiness has nothing to do with extraordinary perfection?

Maybe happiness is learning to bliss out on every little ordinary moment of your life?

Maybe happiness is accepting yourself just as you are.  Feeding your body GOOD healthy food – without an expectation of perfection.  Moving your body because exercise is important for your health (not to change your body).  Learning to practice extreme self-care and healing our hearts and souls.

Here’s a little exercise for you:

Just for the next 3 days  – just accept.  If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see – find something that you do like – celebrate that.  If your kids make you angry – take a deep breath and love on them.  Stop and give them a hug.  If nothing gets done on your “to do” list – rip up the to do list!  Just accept – stop trying to change everything and “make” everything better – just accept and enjoy and see what happens. accepting myself