An important aspect of our Protocol and how we coach our Clients is the power of their thoughts.  It’s so easy to get carried away with negative thought process;

“I hate my body…”

“I’m so disorganized…”

“I’m so tired…”

You CAN change your thoughts – with little baby steps.  What some people don’t realize is that happiness does not exist at the end of your diet.  Your problems with money, marriage, work, do not go away because your jeans are smaller.  Sometimes I think some of us have become so used to blaming all of our unhappiness on our bodies and our weight that we don’t see that so many problems need not wait to be solved until we are satisfied with our bodies.  In fact, releasing ourselves from negative thought patterns is likely what you need to do to achieve your health goals.

Taking my cues from Danielle LaPorte and her Desire Mapping (I have not read this book, I have only discussed with friends and have kind of made up my own version, lol) I do the following:

1. Whenever I have a negative thought – I first take a moment to acknowledge it, validate it, and try my best to let it go;

2.  I thing about how I would rather FEEL.  “I hate my body” turns into “I want to FEEL confident in my body”; “I want to FEEL strong” “I want to FEEL healthy”  ” I want to FEEL true love for my body”

3.  Bring these issues to your mat (yoga) or to your meditation process and set intentions with these thoughts.  Be specific with these intentions and say them out loud.

I know this is really oversimplified but it kind of is that simple.  Try it today with whatever you’re struggling with the most.  Louise Hay is a wonderful resource to reframing ideas and negative thinking.  Good luck – I would love to hear your results!