I was a little all over the place in May; I’m sure the plague that knocked me out for almost 3 weeks didn’t help but I also realized that the diet culture was such a tremendous part of my life for so long that I’m conditioned to think NOW is the time to start an intense workout regime and/or diet….  and my tricky little brain almost pulled a fast one on me!  I am studying and training for Yoga Teacher training and decided mid-May that I was going to go to a Yoga Class everyday.. you know, so I could post and tweet #YogaEveryDamnDay…  I really am in that hungry for more phase of my yoga path and I am enjoying it … but I pushed a little too hard and an old injury flared up.  I’m super proud to announce that I resisted the “no pain, no gain” mentality – barely.  I almost kept training #EveryDamnDay.

Yesterday morning – my foot/ankle situation was so bad I could barely put any weight on it.  I was kinda shocked when I still considered going to Yoga.  WTF right?  It was a great wake up call to see how easily we can still let that diet culture in.. even if it’s by accident.  And “no pain, no gain” is so contradictory to what Yoga is about it’s insulting – to Yoga. I managed to get a physiotherapy appointment yesterday, took the day off of Yoga… and again today… because THAT is what self-respect and self-care are about.  My body is worthy of this respect and care – and to give it anything less is such a disservice to all it does for me.  

Guess what?  YOU are worthy of all the respect and care you can give yourself.  RIGHT NOW.  “Worthiness doesn’t have prerequisites.”  You don’t have to wait to lose weight, or drive a better car, or get married, or colour your hair… YOU ARE WORTHY right now.  However, you have to want it bad.  You have to want it bad enough to consider that all of the things that make you feel like you are trying to prove you are worthy are never going to make you feel worthy.  That magazine you bought yesterday that said “4 Weeks To A Bikini Body” on the cover?  Well, that’s just telling you that you have 4 weeks to get worthy… by getting a bikini body.

So… let’s say you get that bikini body in 4 weeks.  I’m gonna throw it out there that you still won’t feel worthy.

Worth is an inside job my pretties and as long as you look for external gratification – you’ll just keep looking.

It doesn’t just have to be body stuff either.  We all do it. We do it with our houses, how are kids behave, how many likes a social media post gets…  all of these external things trying to create a foundation of worthiness all based on what someone else thinks.

“Worthiness doesn’t have prerequisites” consider a child.. your child perhaps.  Would you tell them “yeah, you’re alright but I don’t think you’ll be ‘worthy’ until you can do the monkey bars.”… I’m pretty sure the answer is “No”.

Give yourself the same grace – don’t put boundaries or conditions on what makes you the spectacular person that you are.

So do this today… when you start to beat yourself up if the jeans are a bit tight, or you didn’t get the promotion, or your 5 year old screams that “you’re the worst Mama ever!!!  … Stop. Close Your Eyes. And say this;

“I am worthy because…… I AM”

And I mean… really do it.  It’s probably something we have never thought about. It’s food for our souls we have been denied.  Stop starving your spirit and fill it up full enough that all of the conditions that the media and our culture of comparison are putting on us simply fall away and you are enough and I am enough and we can go out into the world and kick-ass the way the Universe intended for us to!