I feel like I want to clear the air about something … about what we do and why we do it. I know, on the surface, it might seem contradictory that we sell a weight release protocol but preach the following:

– love your body
-accept your body
-ditch the scale
-stop exercising to punish your body for overeating
-stop dieting
-stop feeling guilt and shame about food and your body

That’s just a small “starter list” – I have had many days lately wishing that our weight release protocol didn’t result in weight release… you had all of the same profound “aha” moments but without the gratification of weight release (the one that we are all brainwashed to believe is the holy grail of self-improvement)… I think we would all stay in those “aha” moments for much longer without it.

It’s okay to LOVE YOUR BODY and want to change it – want to improve it… we just want you to do it with LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

I understand that we live in a world that drowns us in the message that less body fat/no body fat makes us better, makes us happier, makes us healthier… That’s just really effective marketing muffins… really effective marketing, someone that just wants us to buy their shit has us convinced that “skinny” is the pot of gold we are all going to get once we buy their shit.

The worst part is that they get to market their shit and wrap it all up in “health”… Again this message wrapped up in “health” is just about effective marketing and it’s using women’s lack of self-esteem to sell celery (yes, it’s true, I have seen “The Biggest Loser” celery).  We aren’t that far away from a time period where body fat was celebrated and was a sign of “health” and “wealth”.  Really effective marketing made us terrified of eating fat in the 1980’s, we quit eating butter and ate margarine, no one touched eggs or bacon for awhile and all it did was make us fatter!  Only 5% of dieters succeed so why, dear gawd why, are we still buying the diet???

My point? None of it’s true. None of it. If you want to be “Wholeheartedly Healthy” you have to let go of the notion that it has anything to do with releasing weight. Listen, is the reality that the amount of fat you have on your body going to result in a heart attack – then yes, we have some health based science behind that, obviously. However, and yet again, hating that amount of body fat is never going to make it go away. Overcoming the reasons why you subscribe to the diet culture will.

The key to feeling better about yourself is to remove yourself entirely from the world that makes you feel bad about yourself! It’s not easy. Take some baby steps though, stop Pinning the “Thinspiration” or “Fitspo” stuff, stop following Fan Pages that subscribed to the diet culture, stop buying magazines…   It wasn’t easy for me to let go of my gym membership (I continued to pay my monthly fee for 2 years before I finally cancelled)… but I stopped going because it made me feel bad. I’m not suggesting that you going to a gym will make you feel bad. This is my experience…. I’m just saying that if any of the culture you subscribe to IS making you feel bad then it’s not working! It’s harming you – heart, body, mind and soul!  Find ways to move your body that make you feel GOOD heart, body, mind and soul!

Okay… I think I’m done…. just please take a minute to chew on this – I always say that considering that this message might be true probably feels similar to how people felt the first time they were told the earth was round… and remember… they ALL thought the earth was flat!


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