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Below is a testimonial from our client, Jennifer Blair, of Red Deer.  Watching her go through the process that we have so lovingly created has been such a pleasure for us.  We don’t have before and after pictures just yet for Jen as she is currently in her second round of protocol.  However, I prefer using words to define someone’s “after” success….  We don’t focus on scales or body appearance.  We focus on how a client FEELS.  What they have gained from listening to their bodies and focusing on the things that are REALLY important to them -rather than their thighs!

Here is what Jen had to say after her first round of protocol:

I’ve done a lot of crazy things to lose weight over the years. There was that week in college when I did the cabbage soup diet, or that time a personal trainer told me that three hours every day in the gym was my life now, or that brief foray into caffeine pills and ephedrine (on the advice of another personal trainer.) Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Zone, gluten-free, sugar-free, low-carb, paleo, juice fasts — I’ve tried every diet out there, and every diet failed me.

Good thing for me, then, that Goodbye My Muffintop’s Release Protocol isn’t a diet.
Sure, the Release Protocol looks like a diet on the outside. That’s certainly what I thought I was getting myself into last month when I decided, at long last, to try it. Desperate times call for desperate measures, after all, and after years and years of struggling – and failing – to lose weight, I was the very definition of desperate. One more crazy diet couldn’t hurt, right?
But when I met with Kelly, her journey and her passion sparked something in me that I had lost a long time ago: hope. Hope that I could live the kind of life I’ve always envisioned for myself — regardless of the number on the scale.
And now, at the end of my first round of protocol, I’ve seen first-hand the power of the Release Protocol – not just in the pounds or the inches I’ve lost, but in the things I’ve gained along the way: a better understanding of my eating habits; an ability to listen to my body and its hunger cues; a vital support system of like-minded men and women; a new toolbox of ways to manage my feelings; and a new-found realization that I am enough just as I am.
Yes, I’ve lost 25 lbs so far with help from Goodbye My Muffintop – but I’ve regained my purpose, my drive, and my faith in myself, and to me, that’s more valuable than any number on the scale.
Crazy, right?
When I asked Jen to give me more words to express where she’s at right now – this is what she suggested….  gawd I love my job!!
time to blossom

Below is a quote from one of our “Muffins” as we lovingly call our clients, lol.  I am so damn proud of this work that we do in liberating women from the diet culture.  When you alter the way you measure success in a weight release protocol, you alter the way people view their bodies, hearts and minds.

Jodi has become such an integral part of our happy little muffin family and I cried tears of joy as I read her review of her experience with our products and her results.

Here’s a little about who I am. I have been on a life-altering journey of self-love for just over 2 years now. I do not have an “eating disorder”. I do not eat emotionally. My weight, however, has always been so much at the fore-front of who I perceived myself to be. We all want to look a certain way, and we all think that our lives will change as a result of achieving that look. I was no different. I was introduced to GBMM by a dear friend and it prompted me to research it religiously for months before I even agreed to give it a try. You see, my game is self-sabotage. I can talk myself into – and out of – damn near anything. Add to that my amazing ability to procrastinate, you come out with someone who makes lazy, “convenience” choices that result in an unhealthy body. What protocol did for me was it made me prepare – literally – for everything. I kept telling myself “It’s only 28 days. I can do anything for 28 days.” So, I prepared – my food, my drops, my SELF – every week, every day, every meal. Something that I just had never done for myself before. What do you know? It paid off. By me actually believing in myself enough to do this for ME, I saw a pay-off. I felt a pay-off. I saw a side of Jodi that I hadn’t seen before – like, ever. My goal is not weightloss entirely, but it is to be off of my blood pressure medication. I am very proud and happy to say that I am almost there. My meds have been reduced by half. Protocol taught me to trust myself. It taught me to invest the time into myself that I deserve, dammit! My journey will be one that I plan and hope to continue for the rest of my days….it will branch off, pause, restart, and gallop ahead. Now that I know that I can do this for myself, and that I know myself better, I will be sexy-walking in a healthy body down that road. I love all of my fellow Muffins and am beyond grateful that they are walking their own paths alongside me.”


Oh my friends… having some weird times lately.  Feeling stuck, feeling overwhelmed and then feeling numb.  I realize that I have spent so much of my life in the pursuit of weight loss that I don’t know what to do with this free space in my head – so I dip my toe in the possibilities and everything comes rushing at once and I want to do it all… RIGHT NOW!  So… back to stuck again… and I run through the cycle.

So in noticing all of this lately – something else has been cropping up… some little part in my noggin’ that I thought was gone has started picking on me again… Those “After” pictures that I was so proud of 2 or 3 months ago are starting to look different to me. I am starting to criticize them and “find the fat” if you will.  It’s like this track in my brain wants to keep playing the same old song and dance and the only way it can get me to do that is to change what I see so it can keep me a prisoner of how I feel about my body.  So, now, instead of feeling proud of my “After” pictures I start to see where I could lose some more weight, where I could “tone” things up, where I need to ask the people that I’m coaching for forgiveness because I know my body isn’t “just right” so who am I to tell them how to change theirs???  Ugh, so gross.

So, now I see the cycle of the last year and everytime that asshole in my head started to pick on me and my body I would do another round of protocol… I would change my “After” picture a little bit more…  but something has changed that’s bigger than just an “After” picture…  I acknowledge that over a year ago when I was contemplating doing my first round of protocol I remember negotiating my little deal with the Universe… I remember saying “if I could JUST get there…” (with my weight) “I’ll be happy… I’ll be satisfied…”  and guess what? I’m there.. and most of the time I am happy and satisfied – but oh that asshole in my head!   I see decades… yep, I said it DECADES of wishing for a body I was NEVER going to have… Even when I was “imaginary fat” I was ALWAYS chasing 5 or 10 pounds…. 5 or 10 pounds kept me away from body satisfaction and made me a prisoner to diet and exercise…  So I see it now, truly – that even another round of protocol is not going to be the cure here…  It’s NOT about my body…

So… my solution?  No protocol.  Just maintenance. Just living. Just learning to treat my body with love and respect. Just yoga. Just sex. Just eating good food when I’m hungry.  Just celebrating life as it is.   Just being in THIS body. Right now.  To let who I want to be realize that I want to be so much more than a pant size or a number on the scale.  That I NEED to teach two amazing little girls that how much physical space they take up in this world is irrelevant to who they are and how much spiritual space they must contribute!

What a waste… what a waste… what a waste…. time to focus on things that I CAN change….


Having become a “professional” weightloss guru for nearly 30 years has created a ton of obsessions, which include, but are not limited to; body, exercise, food, scale, size…..  All of these things have taken up far too much space in my head and far too much time.  What I have discovered through this process is the scale obsession is a losing battle – there are far too many factors that contribute to the number on the scale and NONE of those factors really have anything to do with my health or self-worth.

I was the type of gal that when I was on a real weight-loss binge (this would mean being on some kind of program which I would closely monitor every single minute of every single day) I would weigh myself ALOT.  And by ALOT I mean several times per day… First thing in the morning without clothes, first thing after the morning poop, after workouts, after meals, before bed…. sometimes even after a middle of the night pee…  What that number would say on the scale would directly affect my attitude about myself for the next few hours before the next weigh in took place…. and so on and so forth.

On this protocol we actually encourage people to weigh themselves very little….  What if getting “healthy” wasn’t about that number on the scale? What if it was about the way your clothes fit, or how much energy you had, or how you felt when you looked in the mirror? Ever had a day where you felt pretty awesome about yourself and then you step on that fucking scale?  If it directly affects how you feel about yourself and your body – stop. stepping. on the fucking scale!!

What I am about to show you takes just about every nerve of my body.  There are pictures below that show quite a bit of my skin… and it’s the skin that I am the most ashamed of.  It’s the skin that I criticize and hate.  It’s the fat I jiggle in disgust in front of the mirror…  but show it I must because it’s time to be free of this ridiculous demon that has nothing to do with who I am! That skin and fat doesn’t define my character.  It doesn’t show you how deeply I love and trust my friends.  It doesn’t let you know that I am a great mom and a wonderful wife….  All that skin tells you about me are some maybe’s;  maybe I  had too many cookies, maybe I had a couple of babies, maybe I’ve had a rough few years, maybe I have a little self-esteem problem…

I also want to show the pictures for two more reasons.  First, I want you to see that our claims that this program turns on your fat burning machines is in fact true!  Second, if I was really only monitoring my weight loss I would be disappointed – based on my results in the past.  During my other protocols when I was at this point I would be down close to 20 pounds.  This time, I am down 10 pounds…. the catch? I have lost 15 inches! So…. here are the pictures…

goodbye picturesCan you imagine what my “before” pictures looked like before I released 50 lbs…. too bad it’s so hard to track down a “before” picture as most of them were deleted.

I have heard people describe using this protocol as the “easy way out”… again, nothing about this has been easy!  This is the difference – I don’t want to obsess about my body, my size, how much/how little I exercise – I don’t want to write down every single morsel of food I eat anymore, I don’t want to feel guilty for eating a cookie, I don’t want to eat when I’m sad, I want to eat and exercise FUNCTIONALLY and for me – this was the only way I was EVER going to get there…. 30 years trying the other way is pretty good evidence that it wasn’t working for me 😉

Want to do what I did?  Just clicky here and find out how!