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A couple of weeks ago we talked about “Truth” at Muffin Talk and how stepping into our truth (living authentically) can be a tricky business…  It’s probably been the toughest step for me in my “Release Revolution”….  What has been difficult for me to wrap my brain around is that it is okay for truth to change.  For whatever reason, I was brought up thinking that anyone that changes their truth a lot is a flake, mis-directed, not ambitious… now I see very clearly that the “Truth” is that this couldn’t be farther from the “Truth”!

Many of us have to adjust our truth frequently because we are so desperately searching for a place to “belong” – our culture dictates that there is nothing more important than “fitting in” – and many of us scramble and hustle to do this well.  We buy the right jeans and purses, we go to the right places, we eat the right things, we kick our asses at the right boot camps…. we hide our shame in the pantry or the bottom of a wine glass, we stuff our closets to hide the mess, we tap-dance for people that we quite frankly don’t really like. 

I have a secret….

About the truth….

Jeans and purses and wine and crackers won’t make you love yourself more…. or anyone else love you more for that matter.  Your soul wants you desperately to find your purpose…. to find your TRUTH … and if you take a minute to STOP the hustle? You just mind find it! 

In Junior and High School my best friend and I LOVED to write poetry… we dabbled in dark junkie language a la Nikki Sixx (’cause you know… we could totally identify in small town Southern Alberta).  I miss poetry and I haven’t attempted a single verse in almost 20 years.  I read this poem I wrote at Muffin Talk and it felt GOOD.  It felt like the TRUTH.

Truth is beauty.

Truth is forgiving.

Truth ebbs and flows and changes like every breath of everyday.

Truth is never the same….  Somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

Truth is nature is malleable, flexible, stunning and real…. we marvel at the metamorphosis.

Truth in our lives?

It’s scary.

It’s rigid.

It’s hard to change


The truth? 

The truth is;

we drink too much

we eat too much

we hate too much

we hurt too much…  because we can’t handle the truth.

The truth is…It feels too hard to find the truth, it feels too raw, too exposed, too shameful…

But it’s harder living a lie.

Your TRUTH is who you are at your core… your fundamental being…  some people won’t like it… but if you get there – it won’t matter.  You’ll be home.



Having become a “professional” weightloss guru for nearly 30 years has created a ton of obsessions, which include, but are not limited to; body, exercise, food, scale, size…..  All of these things have taken up far too much space in my head and far too much time.  What I have discovered through this process is the scale obsession is a losing battle – there are far too many factors that contribute to the number on the scale and NONE of those factors really have anything to do with my health or self-worth.

I was the type of gal that when I was on a real weight-loss binge (this would mean being on some kind of program which I would closely monitor every single minute of every single day) I would weigh myself ALOT.  And by ALOT I mean several times per day… First thing in the morning without clothes, first thing after the morning poop, after workouts, after meals, before bed…. sometimes even after a middle of the night pee…  What that number would say on the scale would directly affect my attitude about myself for the next few hours before the next weigh in took place…. and so on and so forth.

On this protocol we actually encourage people to weigh themselves very little….  What if getting “healthy” wasn’t about that number on the scale? What if it was about the way your clothes fit, or how much energy you had, or how you felt when you looked in the mirror? Ever had a day where you felt pretty awesome about yourself and then you step on that fucking scale?  If it directly affects how you feel about yourself and your body – stop. stepping. on the fucking scale!!

What I am about to show you takes just about every nerve of my body.  There are pictures below that show quite a bit of my skin… and it’s the skin that I am the most ashamed of.  It’s the skin that I criticize and hate.  It’s the fat I jiggle in disgust in front of the mirror…  but show it I must because it’s time to be free of this ridiculous demon that has nothing to do with who I am! That skin and fat doesn’t define my character.  It doesn’t show you how deeply I love and trust my friends.  It doesn’t let you know that I am a great mom and a wonderful wife….  All that skin tells you about me are some maybe’s;  maybe I  had too many cookies, maybe I had a couple of babies, maybe I’ve had a rough few years, maybe I have a little self-esteem problem…

I also want to show the pictures for two more reasons.  First, I want you to see that our claims that this program turns on your fat burning machines is in fact true!  Second, if I was really only monitoring my weight loss I would be disappointed – based on my results in the past.  During my other protocols when I was at this point I would be down close to 20 pounds.  This time, I am down 10 pounds…. the catch? I have lost 15 inches! So…. here are the pictures…

goodbye picturesCan you imagine what my “before” pictures looked like before I released 50 lbs…. too bad it’s so hard to track down a “before” picture as most of them were deleted.

I have heard people describe using this protocol as the “easy way out”… again, nothing about this has been easy!  This is the difference – I don’t want to obsess about my body, my size, how much/how little I exercise – I don’t want to write down every single morsel of food I eat anymore, I don’t want to feel guilty for eating a cookie, I don’t want to eat when I’m sad, I want to eat and exercise FUNCTIONALLY and for me – this was the only way I was EVER going to get there…. 30 years trying the other way is pretty good evidence that it wasn’t working for me 😉

Want to do what I did?  Just clicky here and find out how!