Most of my story starts when I’m 9 and some little asshole that lived across the street from me told my friend that he would totally be my boyfriend if only I wasn’t so “chubby”.  I’m sure that seeds about my weight and my body had been planted long before that but this is my first REAL concrete memory of how my body and what others thought of it was going to affect my life.  I dream of going back to that moment and marching over to the arrogant little bastard and bopping him square in the mouth with my “chubby” little hand…. but I don’t … and I spend quite a bit of the rest of my life shrinking for fear my size might be too much.

As I have said many times before, I was actually quite “imaginary” fat for most of my life – that is until I had children – oh, and then one of them was diagnosed with a chronic degenerative, life-threatening illness…  then I got “real” size 20, thighs chafing together, fat.  I hated my body.  I had disagreements with my body for most of my adult life – but I must say this is the first time that I flat out loathed it.

Then came this little Company called “Goodbye My Muffintop Inc.” and it saved me…. saved me from so much further heartache I don’t know what I would have done.  It made me realize that even on the other side of an over 60lbs. weight loss…. nothing was going to change until I stared those demons down and burned them up for all eternity.  It made me realize that very few of those demons had anything to do with my weight or my body and the real problem was all the “tap dancing” I did to please other people.  I was afraid that being my most authentic self would be “too big”.  I let this fear affect my confidence tremendously and using my body image issues was a very convenient way to justify doing this.

So, what was a girl to do when she didn’t really feel any better after losing 60 pounds?  I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote…  through my whole journey of coming to terms with how my body is and how it’s likely going to stay, how my daughter’s diagnosis broke my heart so bad that I chose to numb it all out binging on food and cigarettes, how NOTHING, not a single GOD-DAMN thing is going to change until you decide to change it…  And out of all of that writing came a little Guidebook for a special day – “Release Retreat – 21 steps to loving yourself.

We did it! We had this Retreat and it was phenomenal. It was so raw and engaging for all those that participated – there were so many times that I stopped and listened and breathed it all in and I was so proud to be a part of something that was helping other women get to the blissful freedom that only self-acceptance can bring!

Now we are so excited to bring a BIGGER, BETTER, more thought Provoking “Release Retreat – Part Deux!”…. we took all of our guests reviews and rolled it into a new Retreat….

Our favourite Guest Speaker The Psychic Cowgirl is phenomenal and we are so proud that she is anxious to participate in our Release Retreat – Part Deux. The main goal for our guests is that they leave first, with am amazing inspired feeling and secondly, that they feel like they have many extra tools in their arsenal to continue on the journey to self-love and self-confidence!
We will cover topics such as forgiveness, healing within to increase confidence, strength and clarity… many of these discussions end in exercises that include meditations and tips to take home with you.
We believe very strongly in the healing benefits of yoga (mind and body) and will introduce 2 yoga styles to the Retreat – both classes will work for an experienced yogi or a beginner yogi.  If you have enjoyed our Muffintalks throughout the summer you will be happy to know that the ILLUMINATING Alaynne West will guide us through our Sunday morning session!

Even better?  Our Registration is ON SALE – RIGHT MEOW!  Register before October 10 to Save $30.00!!  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all!  We really are so looking forward to seeing all of you and sharing this phenomenal information with you!